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Gourmet Popcorn

Just Pop In! is an award-winning gourmet popcorn company located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Popcorn is fun.  Popcorn is happy!  JPI believes the personality of their pops is equally as important to the jolly good experience they share with their clients. They are dedicated to a culture of happiness, open-mindedness and co-existence.  Their company philosophy has earned national, regional and local awards including the attention of clients like IndyCar, PGA, NCAA, Christian Dior | Nylon magazine, to name a few.

Fun, colorful

Just Pop In! develops playful and scrumptious recipes for the nostalgic snack and places them in hip, thoughtful and snappy packaging.  Their love and involvement in creativity and the arts earned Just Pop In! an ARTI nomination from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, notably one of 10 of the largest and oldest encyclopedic museums in the United States.  They were awarded the ARTI for recognition of outstanding contributions to Indianapolis arts and cultural organizations.